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adapted for A400M


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Project Description

SPHEREA used the existing expertise, gained by developing Chaff and Flare Dispenser Payload Simulators (CFDPS) for Tiger and NH90 Helicopters, to develop a fully adapted test solution for the A400M program in Seville.

The resulting stand-alone Flight Line Testers are the Zero Voltage Tester (ZVT) and the Chaff and Flare Dispenser Payload Simulator (DPS) as new members of the VeriDAS product family.

The main task of the ZVT is to ensure safe ammunition loading. When the ZVT is inserted into a CDM any stray voltage is discharged and the zero voltage test procedure verifies that no voltage is present on the firelines

The DPS fulfills the full functionality of the ZVT and simulates additionally the presence of a real magazine in order to test the whole dispensing chain.

As the main supplier for both solutions, we are presently in discussions with customers for an extension of the product in order to decrease testing time taking into account the number of dispenser on the A400M.

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