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Our Reference Projects

Spherea Germany – Automatic-Test-Equipment (ATE) Icon

Automatic Test

Spherea Germany – Aircraft Ground Equipment on Platform Icon

Ground Test Equipment

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Sensors &

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Automatic Test

Spherea Germany – NH90 GPATE

The General Purpose Automatic Test Equipment (GPATE) is a generic test bench to test and maintain various Avionic equipment (Line Replaceable Unit = LRU).

Spherea Germany – TIGSS des Tiger Helikopters

The Test Instrumentation Gunner Sight System (TIGSS) solution is used to support maintenance and repair activities of the OSIRIS Gunner Sight of the weapon system UH TIGER, a high performance optical system.

Spherea Germany – TRE Plus
TRE Plus

The test system TRE Plus is used for maintenance of the airborne radar jammer TSPJ at customer site as well as in industry.

Spherea Germany – Endmontagelinie Flugzeug
Final Assembly Line

SPHEREA offers a computer-aided test solution for automating ground tests during the final assembly of an aircraft. The ESAO system validates the compliance of an aircraft prior to final acceptance.

Ground Equipment

Spherea Germany – Flight Line Tester A400m
FLT for A400M

It is a part of the VeriDAS product family and can be used as standalone tester. This advanced ground support equipment (AGE) is a full capability tester with a comprehensive suite of test functions.

Sensors & Simulation

Spherea Germany – Integration-RIG
Integration RIG (SUZ)

The RIG will allow to operate the entire Avionic suite of the helicopter “like in reality”. It will be used for investigations, helicopter software development, validations, …

Spherea Germany – Dynamischer Prüfstand
Dynamic Test Bench

SPHEREA has developed a solution enabling track tests to be replaced with a dynamic test bench which will take up a limited amount of space in a workshop.


Spherea Germany – NH90 Supportvertrag
GPATE Common Support Service

2008 was the award of the NH90 GPATE development and production contract, where SPHEREA France, SPHEREA Germany and FOKKER Services acted as subcontractors under the lead of Selex ES (today LEONARDO).