SPHEREA is the prime contractor for a full service support contract ensuring the efficient usage of the NH90 GPATE in 6 European countries for the next decade. Our service activities provide a wide range of expertise and services to industrial manufacturers and maintenance operators. They ensure the sustainability of installations and complex systems that require guaranteed levels of quality and security during entire service lifetimes. Our systems life-extension services are particularly applicable to users in the aerospace, defense, transport and energy fields.

Our high professional service technicians are available for your wishes and belongings regarding your test system. To analyze or even solve a problem in short time our helpdesk is available for you by telephone, E-Mail or our web portal, which is tailored for your needs.

This website has been designed to be the private portal of our customers to deliver digital service levels for all Groups’ products towards any kind of customers.

Calibrations are managed and performed by SPHEREA. We provide you with a comprehensive calibration service. We monitor the calibration requirements and trigger the initiation of the calibrations in time. Our service technicians are available for you on site to calibrate your systems. Alternatively we can offer you a calibration exchange pool adjusted to your system.

If a repair or other specific services are needed, our on/off-site support will provide you with the information needed and a comprehensive service. It is also possible to deliver you a repair manual in the scope of your system. This contains beside general information a description about fault diagnostic, tips & tricks for troubleshooting, description of replaceable items and description of maintenance activities.

SPHEREA establishes configuration management procedures describing the main principles, the organization, methods, means and procedures by which the configuration management will be exercised during the service phase of your system.

We provide training courses upon request for your specific needs.

We provide you with every documentation the user needs, as for example Operator Manual, Operating Instructions, Repair Manual, Certificate of Conformance (CoC) and Acceptance Test Report, Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and documentation according applicable EU regulations like RoHS and REACH.


SPHEREA has always provided the guarantee that the lifetime of its test systems is identical to the lifetime of its customers’ systems. The know-how, methods and tools that are used to uphold this commitment are supplied to our customers under our sustainability offer.

A sustainability policy has many advantages:

The availability and lifetime of your systems and products are extended and controlled. Sustainability is a cost-effective alternative to complete renewal. These solutions guarantee your long-term self-sufficiency and independence with respect to your suppliers.
New developments are avoided, eliminating expensive and complex requalification phases.


Obsolescence is a lack of delivery capacity due to the original source of supply and the resulting lack of availability. Parts of your system are no longer available on the market and therefore the availability of your product is no longer ensured. This could lead to enormous costs. Safe money and take the offer of our long-term obsolescence solution for your system.

Many of our customers are faced with old systems. After around 30 years, it may be time to think about clever and smart solutions keeping the costs manageable. With our experience a first step is to meet the customer, to understand the problem and to develop solutions, which will be dedicated to the customer problem, but based on our tool set and capabilities around obsolescence management.

In many cases our customers operate very old test solutions, which have been updated, modernized and modified over many years. Due to the life-cycle of the tested platforms (sometimes more than 40 years) a point is reached during the lifetime of a test bench where it is less expensive to replace the old system by a new and modern test bench. In this case it is very important to ensure, that the test depth of the old system remain the same on the new test bench after transition. Beside the  technical demands also the resulting costs should be “acceptable”. With thanks to many projects performed by SPHEREA successfully in the past, the company is very experiences in such tasks.

Obsolescence is inescapable and cannot be avoided. SPHEREA offers a strategic and long termed Obsolescence Management. We can ensure the long time availability of your system and avoid high costs by strategic foresight.

SPHEREA identifies critical components actively by obsolescence monitoring. The monitoring and the assessment of potential obsolescence case will be performed proactively to make sure that the proposed obsolescence resolutions can be implemented in time and that the obsolescence of the elements have no negative impact on the availability of your system. This monitoring results in the issue of a periodic report. SPHEREA measures obsolescence and produces sustainability forecasts. If an obsolescence case is identified there is an option to purchase or store an equivalent item or to clone the item. SPHEREA also takes the changes in standards, for instance, environmental standards (RoHS, REACH) or export regulations (ITAR, etc.) into account.


Just give us a functioning sample which can be copied by us. Subsequently we produce an electrically equivalent clone. Additional design data is helpful but not always essential.

We’ve successfully cloned hundreds of printed circuit boards from simple control units to complex computers and from standard industrial applications to safety-critical Military, Aviation, Nuclear power and Transport systems.
We take an existing printed circuit board and use advanced automated test tools to generate an electronic model of your physical design. This includes data on the connection of points (a netlist), where points are placed and how they should look on a working unit (an electrical signature).
The aim is to avoid the costs of redesigning existing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for which there is no further design data. PCB cloning will make it possible to regain total control of a PCB and an identical series production item can then be remanufactured.

PCB cloning requires a reverse-engineering phase which will automatically generate the missing design data:

  • routing definition
  • component specifications
  • design file
  • manufacturing file
  • electrical test file

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