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Automatic Test

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Aircraft Ground Equipment &

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Sensors &

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Automatic Test

Spherea Germany – ATEC

Production and troubleshooting test bench. Application area: production of electronic equipment, prototyping, development, manufacturing testing.

Spherea Germany – ATEC Series 6
ATEC Series 7

The preferred maintenance solution for airlines and MROs. The ATEC can cover the majority of an aircraft’s functions.

Ground Equipment &

Spherea Germany – VeriDAS

Verification of Defensive Aids System. The VeriDAS is an AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) for military helicopters and aircrafts useable also for VIP aircrafts. It is suitable for outdoor use and operation in harsh conditions.

Spherea Germany – Flight Line Tester, Deutsche Bundeswehr
Flight Line Tester

A suite of tools to simulate all threats. The Flight Line Testers are currently used for the A400M, Tiger and NH90 and are easily to adapt on other aircrafts or helicopters.

Spherea Germany – ROPCO

Ruggedized obsolescence-free portable customer optimized tester. Etablished for the use in different NATO forces. Currently used for Tornado and C160 Transall.

Protection Jammer Tester

Efficient and fast testing for man pack, vehicle and convoy jammer.  It is suitable for outdoor use and operation in harsh conditions.

Sensors & Simulation

Spherea Germany – LIMSensor, Laser-Ionen-Mobilitäts-Spektrometrie

The Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS) is a mature process used to identify molecules of a gas in very low density. Therefor the molecules are ionized, separated by the drift through an electrical field and detected.

Spherea Germany – U-Test: Flugzeugfahrwerk

The U-TEST Real-Time System is a universal, flexible test environment dedicated to the test activities for the design, integration and qualification phases of on-board systems.