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– Ruggedized obsolescence-free portable customer optimized tester

Product Description

ROPCO is the ruggedized solution for ground support activities in system control, data monitoring and loading. It is a portable IT-based device to support maintenance and repair activities. The hardware consists of a customer-tailored commercial Control PC and an extension box containing the Interface Hardware. The Control PC is mounted on the top of the Extension Box to form a single robust unit.


  • A stand-of-the-art computer is connected just by power and Ethernet. Therefore, it is easy to replace with the latest technology.
  • The extension box contains the interfaces, which are most of the time very specific and may be old-fashion (due tu the life cycle time of the platform)
  • Portable in a robust Transport Box

Application Area

Established for the use in different NATO forces. Currently used for Tornado and C160 Transall.

Spherea Germany – ROPCO Download

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